Will the doors break down?

Our faith resides on hinges

withstanding the blows.


No Rules Poetry


Generalized anxiety disorder

is like studying liberal arts at college:

You dabble in stuff

some useful

some not so much.


it’s expensive

benign enough

though rarely easy



GAD is one letter off from God

which somehow feels

that much closer to Him.

GAD sounds like God

pronounced with a Boston accent.

Oh my GAD.


Ironically, the liberal arts analogy

appeared mid-homily

at Sunday morning Mass

Were thoughts spilling out of my ears?

They banged so loudly inside my head.

Thanks for listening, God.


We take these things

and mix them up

like the alphabet soup

of diagnostic codes.

We read them in the news


Post– meaning “after”

But what about the here and now?


Instead of alphabet soup

what if we used the chicken noodle

with those tiny stars again?

Constellations in pools

of constant motion

hard to decipher

That’s why God created

liberal arts degrees.




No Rules Poetry