I recently marked my 31st diaversary, or diabetes diagnosis anniversary. At this point in the game, it often feels like just another day. I am sad that the cure my family was repeatedly promised many decades ago still eludes us, and that the emotional, physical, and financial costs of daily diabetes survival place far too much burden on the individual. Simultaneously, I recognize my own luck and privilege in making it this far.

Given the concern for type 1 diabetes (T1D) diagnoses, particularly, in adults and children post-COVID-19 infection, I intend to do something useful with this diaversary and remind others of the main warning signs of diabetes:

-Increased thirst

-Frequent urination

-Rapid weight loss

-Fruity odor on breath

-Shallow breathing due to diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)

-Agitation and/or fatigue

These signs can be experienced following a viral illness such as COVID-19, as a viral trigger is thought to be involved with the autoimmune attack in T1D.

As for me, it’s just another day with (hopefully) many more to go. I remain hopeful that through our advocacy efforts, future generations of people with diabetes will have improved quality of life- whether it is diaversary number one or thirty-one.


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