Christmas Card 2022

Wishing you a (belated) Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a fresh start in 2023!

May we all be as chill as the mouse pictured here after some relaxation time this holiday season!

*Alt text: Large, Christmas-themed stuffed animal mouse resting on a bed.

I am making an effort to include alternate text descriptions for those with visual impairments. I am not always perfect at remembering, but please know that I am trying in good faith to be better about this. Thanks for the advocacy from many in the diabetes community regarding the inclusivity of alt text.


5 thoughts on “Christmas Card 2022

      1. we did Ally, I thought often of you and RGPig. Well actually I thought of RGPig and you. 🙂 I hope both of you are rocking the world. And hey, be sure and send me some of your homework. I love doing homework.

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