Why Very Light, No Sugar?


Hi!  My name is Ally.  I am a type 1 diabetic of ~27 years, but I am also a Guinea pig Mama, Shakira karaoke songstress, third string poet, and friend and family member to many wonderful people, among other things.

My professional background is in healthcare administration, and I recently graduated at the top of my Master’s in Healthcare Administration program.  I am a passionately-vocal nerd when it comes to improving the healthcare experience for all parties involved, with particular interests in diabetes, the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare advocacy and engagement, and mental health.

In high school I wrote a popular essay called “Very Light, No Sugar,” the theme of my life with type 1 diabetes.  Following my diagnosis around my third birthday, my parents tried to create a diabetes-friendly environment.  One simple way of showing support was to cut sugar out of their morning coffee routine.

They emphasized the “very light, no sugar” order at the local coffee shops as a small gesture of solidarity with what I would endure over my lifetime with diabetes.  “Lifetime.”  On second thought, I do not like that term in connection with this disease.  We can and we will cure diabetes in my lifetime, and in yours.  But it is going to take lots of advocacy and awareness.  My little piece of the puzzle starts here.

Since its inception, Very Light, No Sugar has been read in over 100 countries and counting.  Thank you for connecting here!  Remember: Diabetes sucks, but we don’t have to.


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