Mask Emoji Collage

N95. Surgical mask over it. Mess up your hair. Pull the straps tightly behind your ears. Imprinted lines cross your cheeks. Stay home. Receive the Eucharist in a Church parking lot. Talk to others, but only outdoors or through a blue light screen. Your mic’s not on. Post-viral illness. Healthcare burnout. Lonely. Tired. Scared. Informed. Public health. Empathy. Ambivalence. Fatigue. Vaccines. Airborne. Waste water. Ventilation. Filtration. Purification. Capitalism. Germs on your hands and in your lungs. Cognitive decline. Cognitive dissonance. Vascular effects. Long Covid. Humanity. Can we endure another 1000 (2.5) years?

The masks should’ve been the easy part.