Disclaimers and Disclosures

The information posted on this website is solely a representation of the account’s creator, Ally. If you have a personal question or concern regarding the companies, organizations, people, products, and/or events mentioned on my website, please contact those sources directly, as the statements and opinions expressed on Very Light, No Sugar are strictly my own.

Very Light, No Sugar is the property of its creator.  Feel free to share the website’s content, but please give credit where credit is due.

Very Light, No Sugar logos are not to be shared or reproduced in any fashion without written consent of the owner, Ally.

I am not a licensed medical professional.  Please seek medical guidance from a licensed professional before making any treatment adjustments.  My views are in no way intended to represent the official guidance of the companies and products discussed here, nor to replace treatment from your licensed medical professional(s).

In the spirit of transparency, professional relationships will always be disclosed here and in related blog posts.

I have accepted gifts/products/opportunities from various companies/entities.  Blog posts are always written from my own perspective, and disclosures will always be provided in related blog posts.

Relevant Information:

*2019 Updates: I currently serve on HealthiVibe’s key opinion leader (KOL) patient steering committee.  I am compensated for my time and work in relation to this adviser role.

I served on the Stanford Medicine X (#MedX) 2016 ePatient advisory panel and I am a MedX Scholar.  I was a presenter at Stanford Medicine X 2016.

I attended Stanford Medicine X (#MedX) 2015 on a partial ePatient scholarship.

I have served on MedicAlert’s member advisory board.

I am forever rooting for Dr. Denise Faustman and her team at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Faustman Lab.  Please learn more at FaustmanLab.org.

Social media is not necessarily endorsement, rather the sharing of applicable information.

I believe strongly in helping, rather than hurting, on my blog and in diabetes online discussions in general.  Praise for one company/product/service is not necessarily meant to downplay the treatment viability of any competitor(s), rather it is an articulation of my own diabetes story.

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