#TuesdayRain of 2021

2021 was a rather weak year in our historic Tuesday Rain tracking, with 18 total Tuesday precipitation events. (Locally, we probably should have followed Friday’s frequent monsoons, instead!)

March, April, and November of 2021 notched zero instances of Tuesday precipitation, contributing to the lower overall count last year. 2020 saw 27 Tuesday weather events, with 2019 marking 31 and 2018 experiencing 29, for comparison. So far we are off to a sluggish start in 2022, with 2 total Tuesday rain or snow events thus far.

Regardless, the weather and taxes are a few things we can depend upon in life, and my friends and I will record Tuesday rain events for the indefinite future. Thanks for playing along with us.

*Photo Credit: 2021 Horses calendar, Greenbrier International, Inc.