This month marked 32 years of living with type 1 diabetes for me. Honestly, it was just another day at this point. The week was emotional for different reasons, and diabetes was in the background. What a contrast to that time over three decades ago, in which I was in DKA and fighting to survive, hooked up to beeping heart monitors and IV drips.

I’m grateful this year for Tandem’s T:slim pump, particularly. This device is the reason I get some reprieve from the constant managerial aspects of T1D. It is why on my thirty-second diaversary, diabetes did not have the spotlight this year. How I wish we’d known all that time ago what we know now- but that we would have understood that access has never been a level playing field, too.

Until there is equitable access to diabetes supplies and treatments, our work remains after all this time.

To 32 more…