A Historic Moment for Advocacy

I’m usually skeptical of good diabetes news (still waiting on that cure, by the way), but Lilly’s recent announcement on reducing insulin prices is a mind-boggling moment in patient advocacy. Surely, there is still much work to be done for truly equitable insulin access to become a reality for all. Yet, Lilly’s move (later followed by Novo Nordisk and Sanofi) is a step most of us never foresaw without federal regulation forcing pharmaceutical companies’ hands. (Without regulation, notably Pharma companies could raise list prices if they so choose). Understandably, all of this recent news doesn’t bring back what and who our community has lost along the way to this historic moment. As we move forward, we should always remember their stories and how our community got to the here and now.

From an advocacy lens, this moment speaks volumes as to the collective power of online health communities. Too often patients are dismissed by conscious and unconscious biases in healthcare. Yet I am inspired by so many in our community who have never backed down on demanding a better world for all people with diabetes. Their persistence is why insulin is in the spotlight, mentioned often in politics for better or for worse. They undoubtedly moved the dial here, and the world is better because of their relentless determination. Thank you to those of you who led the way. This one goes down in my forever record books of why advocacy is worth it.