Christmas Card 2022

Wishing you a (belated) Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a fresh start in 2023!

May we all be as chill as the mouse pictured here after some relaxation time this holiday season!

*Alt text: Large, Christmas-themed stuffed animal mouse resting on a bed.

I am making an effort to include alternate text descriptions for those with visual impairments. I am not always perfect at remembering, but please know that I am trying in good faith to be better about this. Thanks for the advocacy from many in the diabetes community regarding the inclusivity of alt text.


Hemingway for the Win!


“Write hard and clear about what hurts.”  -Ernest Hemingway


The rookie to diabetes blogging this year, I soon discovered a community that rises up and carries its pain together like garden ants that have stumbled upon a cracker at a picnic- only we’re not as gross, we don’t have antennae, and we would surely bolus for the cracker carbs.

In the act of lifting up this thing together- this disease and all of its pokes and prods, interrupted sleep, hunger, thirst, laughter, and tears- we speak and write from the souls of those who have stared down what hurts, and who will stare it down again tomorrow.

That’s what 2014 was for me: being awestruck by the passion, wit, humor, creativity, warmth, and truthfulness of the diabetic online community as it writes hard and clear about what hurts.

You make it hurt less.

May the New Year be a healthy and happy one for the #DOC.