#TuesdayRain of 2021

2021 was a rather weak year in our historic Tuesday Rain tracking, with 18 total Tuesday precipitation events. (Locally, we probably should have followed Friday’s frequent monsoons, instead!)

March, April, and November of 2021 notched zero instances of Tuesday precipitation, contributing to the lower overall count last year. 2020 saw 27 Tuesday weather events, with 2019 marking 31 and 2018 experiencing 29, for comparison. So far we are off to a sluggish start in 2022, with 2 total Tuesday rain or snow events thus far.

Regardless, the weather and taxes are a few things we can depend upon in life, and my friends and I will record Tuesday rain events for the indefinite future. Thanks for playing along with us.

*Photo Credit: 2021 Horses calendar, Greenbrier International, Inc.


#TuesdayRain, Continued

Tuesday precipitation brought us all together again in 2019, with folks from Twitter, healthcare, work, and beyond taking notice of the water droplets on their windshields or their Tuesday raincoat necessities.  #TuesdayRain is here to stay, it seems.  The first two Tuesdays of 2020 have followed the precedent thus far.

2018 provided lofty goals, ending the year with 29 Tuesday precipitation events involving rain and snow.  Admittedly, I had my doubts that we could surpass those numbers in our 2019 southern New England / Boston Tuesday-rain-tracking calendar, particularly given that March 2019 was a “dry Tuesday” month.  However, an end of the year Tuesday precipitation rally yielded big results; we concluded 2019 with 31 total Tuesday precipitation events!  In our geographical region’s recent history, it is more likely than not to precipitate on Tuesdays.

As we collect more Tuesday data, it has been interesting to compare the calendars from different years.  Often, similar trends appear in the respective months.  For example, May 2018 and 2019 both experienced 3 Tuesday precipitation events, while October 2018 and 2019 each logged 4 Tuesday rain storms.  Often, the precipitation events occur around the same dates in these successive years.

At the risk of sounding corny, I have enjoyed the simplicity of shared human connection through #TuesdayRain endeavors.  A single umbrella or snowflake emoji, a coworker pointing at the window in awe of the weather, a trend that my friend, Krissy, and I will always be happy that we discovered together- all of that brings joy to the weekly routine of life.  Thirty-one precipitation events will be a tough bar to raise in 2020, but here’s to many more.



*November Calendar photo credit: “Sunrises & Sunsets 2019 12 Month Calendar” imported by Greenbrier International, Inc.