Happy One Month Anniversary!

Wow- it’s really been one month since Very Light, No Sugar got dropped off by the stork and fell into the internet world?! First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who reads my blog. While I am probably not a blogging superstar by any means, I am happy to report that SOMEONE OUT THERE READS THIS! That, in and of itself, has helped me immensely to not feel so alone with diabetes.

The same concern from the very first day of kindergarten- “Will anyone like me?”– translates over into adult life, too. So, to those who do like me, thank you. It is a pleasure to get to know you through our shared connection of diabetes, and through the general connection of our roles as human beings supporting one another. It has been quite therapeutic to have someone to talk to here, to hone my writing skills that my talented English teacher, Ms. O’Neill, spent countless hours instilling in me during high school, and to connect with all of you. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs, your tweets, your Facebook posts, and the like.

On the bad days, you are the motivation to keep on truckin’. On the good days, I am happy that we all celebrate our moments of victory together. I have learned so much from you- more than any medical book could have ever taught me. You helped to troubleshoot my pump issues, analyzed proper sick day protocol, and so much more. Your wealth of knowledge of one of the most complicated diseases out there never ceases to astound me. You know diabetes because you live diabetes. You cannot put a price tag, or even a graduate degree, on such intimate understanding of a chronic illness. I wish that we did not have to comprehend exactly what the other person means when it comes to diabetes, that we did not have our own diabetes vocabulary, that this would be cured overnight for us, and that none of us had to suffer difficult times. But if we have to go through it, I am so happy to be doing so with some of the best people around.

My one regret is that I did not start this process sooner. I suppose I had to build up the confidence to give it a go, and I am so happy that I did. It helps that those in the diabetic online community (#doc) were so welcoming in letting me be a part of their diabetes social media advocacy (#dsma) efforts by expressing what being diabetic means to me. I promise to pay it forward to other “newbies” in the future whenever possible. I want to specifically express gratitude to Craig @HumnPincushion and Jere @integraljere for rooting for me in the very beginning. Sometimes all it takes is knowing that you have a little support out there, and it gives you room to grow. You both exemplified this for me, and I have learned a lot from your kindness.

Cheers to you all, and keep doing what you do in terms of our ongoing diabetes discussion. It means something to someone out there, especially on the sick days.

Thank you for coming into my heart. You’re officially stuck there, just saying.





12 thoughts on “Happy One Month Anniversary!

  1. You’re welcome, Ally! I was new not that long ago (still feel that way really). I enjoy reading your blog, I think because we are near the same age and I can relate to so much of what you say, even though we are in very different points in life. Keep on writing!


    1. Thanks, Craig! Yes, I agree. A lot of what you write on your blog makes me think, “Wait a minute, we have the same thoughts!” lol So nice to have that experience!


  2. Cheers, Ally! Thanks so much for the mention. So many use Humalog with no problems, just as you have done for years. But I know how things can change: I don’t wear a pump anymore due to skin and site problems. Until there is a cure, the awesome folk of the DOC and DSMA are on-call! 🙂


  3. Great work, Ally. I’ve long lived with diabetes but am very new to the DOC and am a bit blown away by the sheers number of people, like you, who ‘get’ me. Coming across you on Twitter has encouraged me to explore the medium of Tweeting and the world that’s opening up is quite enlightening. We all hear the facts and figures about the number of people living with diabetes but when you see that translated into the number of people you see on social media it brings home the reality.

    Sadly, my writings are about as erratic as my glucose levels, so I like to think of myself more as a ‘signpost’ instead, pointing people in the direction of some wonderful, timely and relevant articles, amongst which yours have taken their place.


    1. Thank you, Julie. I enjoy your blog as well as your tweets. Everyone has their own style and yours suits you. Twitter is great for that ongoing diabetes discussion which we know is so important. Your articles regarding insulin pump troubleshooting really helped me last week. I plan on composing a list for the blog of my favorite diabetes articles/references soon, and those articles which you sent me will definitely be on there. Talk to you soon!


  4. So great to have you here in the DOC blogosphere sharing your story, Ally! Thanks for doing that. Especially with such a great coffee-related blog name! 🙂 I feel the same way about the DOC, when it comes to my personal blogging and Twittering. So much support, understanding. It can be like a big extended family. Looking forward to reading more.


    1. Thanks, Mike! I just noticed the test strip in the coffee on your blog- so perfect! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and connecting with the DOC this month. Keep up the good work!


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