To-Do List.

1.) Get cured of diabetes.  Preferrably, like, tomorrow.

2.) Until number 1 happens, drink lots of coffee.

3.) Attempt shorter blog posts so that we all don’t need reading glasses when surfing the web.

4.) Get through the next month of school and then tackle a few issues.  There are not enough support options for diabetics in my local area, and that doesn’t sit well with me.  The good news is that a few people can get the ball rolling and change that.  I plan to be one of those people.

5.) Focus on helping others more. I have been so preoccupied with my own health that I need to maintain perspective that others suffer just as much, if not more. And maybe from things other than diabetes.

6.) Keeping number 5 in mind, stop feeling guilty about it.  Accept that maybe it did need to be all about me for a few days because, well, I needed your help with the pump stuff, and you all delivered and then some.

7.) Buy cookies for nurse, pump rep, and doctor before appointment next week.  Because heck yes, I’m going to walk into a diabetes clinic with baked goods coated in sprinkles. And heck yes, I’m going to feed the people taking their lunch breaks to troubleshoot problems with me because they are the epitome of what it means to show kindness and consideration in health care delivery.


Good day, folks.



6 thoughts on “To-Do List.

  1. On #1 and #2, yes please! Mee tooooo!
    On #3, I like a god long read. 🙂
    On #4, have you reached out to College Diabetes Network? They are such awesome people and can help get you started.
    On #5, you writing a post is the opposite of being diabetically-selfish. You are sharing, and that’s caring.
    On #7, take pictures, that could be hysterical.

    On all of it: You’re awesome. Let’s be friends!


    1. I just Googled College Diabetes Network and I wish we had this in Canada! Such a great idea! I am also having trouble finding support groups/networks for diabetes but I am in Toronto. 😦


      1. I hadn’t heard of them back in my college days. Definitely a great idea. You should see if you can start one in Canada! 🙂


  2. First things first, consider yourself a friend in my book, Heather. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words. I should definitely look into College Diabetes Network. Does it matter if I graduated college (gasp) going on 5 years ago?


  3. Thanks, Scott. I was a DOC “lurker” for a while, and one day it hit me that if other people in the DOC are giving back, I am surely capable of doing so as well. And I really want to get more involved when I can. Just need to keep chugging coffee to get through the work/grad school balancing act in the meantime. 😉 I appreciate your kind words and have enjoyed reading your blog!


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