Try. says

“to attempt to do or accomplish”

“to put to a severe test”

“subject to strain, as of endurance, patience, affliction”

“to attempt to open (a door, window, etc.) in order to find out whether it is locked: Try all the doors before leaving.”

Fear. says

“the feeling or condition of being afraid.”

I fear spiders.

I fear insulin- too much and too little and not finding that happy medium dose.

I fear carbohydrates- too many or too few.

My biggest fear, though, is misconception.

If something “bad” ever happens diabetes-wise, others might think that I didn’t try.

This is why,

despite the fears,

brush the spider off the car windshield.

Say a prayer and take the insulin.

Eat the carbohydrates.

Treat the lows and the highs.

Until there’s a cure, we must

“Try all the doors before leaving.”



3 thoughts on “Try.

  1. In the DOC we often talk about the misconceptions that people have about diabetes, especially Type 1. IMO one of the main ones is that trying hard and doing the right thing doesn’t ensure good results. But for sure we need to try, because we have no choice. Good post, Ally.


    1. Thanks, Laddie. You summed it up perfectly. Ultimately, T1D is autoimmune and has a mind of its own at times, no matter how hard we try. But we have to try, as you said. Hope you are well!


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