A+ for NuGo Bars

In May I was contacted by NuGo Nutrition in regards to sampling and reviewing their diabetes-friendly NuGo Slim bars.  I respect companies like NuGo Nutrition which value the opinions of their potential consumers enough to reach out and interact with us.  So I thought, Sure, why not? Chocolate-covered bars that are supposedly well-liked by the body?  Yum!  The only way to know for sure was to actually taste the bars and see for myself.

NuGo Nutrition sent me a box of Nugo Slim bars with various flavor samples.  Normally, grocery-store-bought nutrition bars collect dust in my kitchen cabinets.  As for the Nugo Slim bars, though, I liked each flavor and consumed all of the samples with surprising speed.  I plan on purchasing a supply the next time I am near my local Whole Foods store.  For locations nearby which sell NuGo products, you can use NuGo Nutrition’s online search feature (see here).

My #doc friend, Laddie, over at testguessandgo.com also reviewed these bars, and if you would like to read more: please see here.

NuGo Slim bars got the “Ally A+” nod of approval because they performed as they were advertised.  They were yummy, they did not spike my blood sugar, and they, in fact, kept my blood sugar stable when I needed a little boost of carbohydrates through out the day or night.

Being back on multiple daily injections has proven to be a challenge overnight, simply because once that Lantus morning dose of insulin is in you, it’s in you for the whole day and night.  Historically, whether on the insulin pump or on shots, my blood sugar tends to drop quite a bit over the course of the night.  If I was going into bedtime with a lower blood sugar value than I would normally like to see (knowing that I will generally drop more overnight), by eating half of a Nugo Slim bar before bed, I kept the line on my CGM graph stable and pretty as I slept peacefully.

During a visit to Newport, Rhode Island, with one of my siblings and some friends, we were more active than I originally anticipated.  Again, being back on multiple daily injections, this situation is a bit more complicated because I cannot simply reduce my basal, which was already injected into me for the day, like insulin pumpers can do with temporary pump basals.  I needed a snack that would keep my blood sugar at the healthy range that it was in, without spiking me too high while also preventing the impending low due to exercise.  NuGo Slim bars got the job done, and I was able to enjoy my time with my friends without diabetes interrupting our day.

The healthy ingredients, low sugar, moderate amounts of protein and fiber which helped stabilize my blood sugar, low net carbs, and real dark chocolate in NuGo Slim bars were a winning combination for me.  While I disclose that I received sample products from NuGo Nutrition, the opinion presented here is my own.  I am sharing my thoughts with the #doc because I believe that NuGo Slim bars offer a high-quality snack option for diabetics.


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