What would have been?


What would have been?

if the right provider

had asked the right questions

and I’d replied honestly

all those years ago.

“Why is your blood sugar chaotic?”

“Because life is chaotic…”

Firm, and to the point

the question and the answer.

And the response?

Or if the nurse /

who connected me to the doctor /

who helps me to stay afloat now /

had been my nurse then /

and she’d been my doctor.


What would have been

What is

What will be

Still swimming



No Rules Poetry


2 thoughts on “What would have been?

  1. Ally, I had a similar discussion today. A person asked what might have made the difference in my diabetes life. I told them if someone had helped me know that we have can admit powerlessness at times. No one is perfect, and I did not have to be.

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    1. I like that, Rick. In fact, I find the people that admit to the hard stuff to be the most realistic sources of strength and example. It is cool to see people succeed with diabetes, but it is also nice to know we’re all human when it comes down to it.


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