BetesOnTap selfieDanielle, Alex, and Me Boston 2018

The healthcare advocacy world swiftly teaches you about vulnerability.  By virtue of showing up, you innately care.  You meet wonderful, kindhearted people- those friends you just know will go straight to heaven.  And sometimes they are gone too soon, and we feel that raw emotion of loss, here, on this earth.  We are suddenly more thankful that we paused for a moment during the fun to take a group selfie, to remember that day.

Alex and Kim, you are both on my mind and in my prayers a lot this week.  May we learn to be as graciously brave and good as you.


2 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. I met Kim as we both worked on the Betes project together. In fact the invisible elephant project of the Betes was and always will be dedicated to Kim. On the many calls I participated with her, the thing I loved the most was Kim’s laugh. In fact, I have to say that several times I only participated so I could try to Kim to laugh. It was usually not difficult.

    I will miss her laugh forever and what I will think of as I think of the Betes or Kim will be her laugh. Laughing is one of the many great things about life. She asked us to not burn a blue candle for her. I will honor her wishes. But I will burn a bright light white light. Because to me Kim was a wonderful shining light in my life.


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