If it is too much to wear a mask

for thirty-four seconds

in the peppers and carrots aisle,

Imagine what it feels like

to stab your abdomen

with a gigantic Dexcom CGM needle

every week or so,

Taping a foreign device on your body

through showers and swimming pools,

on your wedding day

donning a mask again at happy hour

To be privileged by virtue of the pain

we don’t discuss

The incessant buzzing in your ear

that something is almost always ‘wrong’

What if we were just kind enough

to care about it all

about each other



One thought on “Masks

  1. i mean what the heck, I am shocked. These nut jobs running around trying to off me so they can prove they are manly or cannot be told what to do. Tell those fools you will never wear a mask, and those fools would be the first ones to say no one tells me what to do. OK well you can never wear a mask in public. Here you go. I have this new one right here for you.


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