This blog recently notched its eighth anniversary. Woah! As time elapses, my anniversary posts usually cover the same theme: I am certainly not as into blogging as I once was, but I can’t seem to let go entirely, either. This year is no exception. Please know that although I may not be as vocal here, I do try to keep up with what our community is doing and I’m always rooting for us.

I’m not the same person who started out here, and although the growing process has been ugly and painful, I’m more firmly in a better place now. Some friends in advocacy didn’t stick around to see this version of me, and I can’t say I completely blame them. (Albeit we all deserve support through the good and bad times). This road has been long and lonely and grueling. But I suppose this explains part of my reluctance towards blogging as frequently as I once was: I’m simply busy doing other things now. Still, a part of my heart will always be here, and my advocacy will never waver. Thanks for being along for the ride, for whichever part or for however long each of you has visited.


2 thoughts on “8.

  1. Happy Blogaversary !!

    I have watched your blog and your wonderful act of becoming. Keep up the great work Ally !!!


    PS: Tell RGP I said hey, no not hay, hey. Its different RGP.


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